Jeannie Scott Smith is a author and speaker who influences her audience based on her own life experiences and walk with God. She is committed to ministering to women across the world; her love and passion for God have proved her energy and efficiency to be boundless. She has a deep desire to live a life of obedience to God believing this is the only way to live a life of freedom and purpose and inspires others to do the same. In addition, she speaks with passion and authority to groups of women on the serious and controversial issue of abortion, brokenness and the redemptive path to healing. She is well known for her compassionate heart as a pregnancy center counselor for women facing unplanned pregnancies, and for women who have suffered the tragedy of abortion. However, the road to her current position of ministry was not easy or without its struggles. She is the author of Shattered into Beautiful: Delivering the Brokenhearted from Abortion. In this book, Jeannie shares her own personal story.

Jeannie was one of those faces you encounter in your church every week that concealed a dreadful secret from her past. She came to realize that only Jesus could pay the price for the consequences of her abortion. She determined to cry out to God to take her biggest failure and turn it into a powerful witness that would touch the hearts of women struggling with the same issues.

In 2010, God instructed Jeannie to write about her abortion and share her testimony. As much as she enjoyed her career as a Physical Therapist Assistant, she knew God was calling her to full time ministry. She responded with obedience and God began equipping Jeannie for her kingdom purpose. Within the same year, her book Shattered into Beautiful: Delivering the Brokenhearted from Abortion was accomplished and she received her Certificate from Abortion Recovery Training Institute. God then called her out of her comfort zone and she began accepting invitations to speak for events such as Silent No More and 40 Days of Life, as well as within churches, youth conferences, and pregnancy center fundraising banquets. Although Jeannie found her greatest joy working with women on an individual basis, God was moving her to a greater arena of ministry.

In 2011, Jeannie and her husband Carter were chosen to be featured in the film Set Free as the lead testimony mirroring God’s love, mercy, and healing from the tragedy of abortion. Doors immediately began opening for further opportunities to share her testimony. Watch the Film here Set Free


In 2013, Jeannie Founded Coastline Women’s Center A Pregnancy Medical Clinic in S.C. To view this ministry go to www.coastlinewomenscenter.org. She serves as CEO and has led the organization into great growth, serving three locations.  Her husband Carter joins her as President and Co Founder with his own perspective to men as they work with individuals and couples struggling with issues that arise from unplanned pregnancies and abortion. Together they are committed to transform “at risk” families into thriving families. Jeannie is also the Former President of the South Carolina Association of Pregnancy Care Centers.

Jeannie’s spiritual gifts are Pastoring, Mercy, Exhortation, and Leadership. She states her greatest teacher is Jesus. Her mission is to bring abortion to an end, and simply to bring the brokenhearted to the feet of Jesus. Through this process the wounded can be restored, healed and God will be glorified.

Jeannie begin to see how her love relationship with Jesus Christ flowed over into daily obedience and how that obedience was unleashing supernatural blessings and accomplishments in her life. She wanted to awaken others to this truth so she answered yes to another assignment by God. In 2017, her second book, If You Love Me Obey Me: The Secret to Purpose and Freedom was published.

Today, Jeannie continues to follow where God leads. She is a Heartbeat International Workshop Presenter and enjoys inspiring leaders across the nation.

One of her favorite quotes is “I have found that there are three great stages in the work of God: First, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” –J Hudson Taylor She personalizes one of her favorite scriptures as “Blessed is she who believes what the Lord told her would be accomplished.” Luke 1:45, and she is most thankful that her child is in the gracious care of Jesus.

Carter Smith

Carter is a Veteran, and Registered Nurse. He has spent most of his life sustaining and protecting life.

Carter served in Hospice providing medical, social, and spiritual support to patients and families during the end stages of life. He states, “I feel that hospice is more than a service or healthcare option. Hospice is a ministry to those who need assistance during the transition from life to death. This gives me the opportunity to be part of the patient’s death process and the lives of the family members who continue their journey through life.”

As much as Carter enjoyed his Executive Director role in Hospice, he knew God was calling him to fully surrender to ministry. He now uses his medical experience to Direct Coastline Women’s Center Medical Clinic.

Carter’s desire and passion for all stages of life includes a strong determination to see the end of abortion. Carter has shared the experience of living with the brokenness of Jeannie’s abortion and how it almost destroyed their marriage. “By the grace of God, I have been given the opportunity to assist my wife through her journey of redemption, restoration, and salvation.”

Carter desires to share the hope of forgiveness, recovery, and freedom through Jesus Christ. He envisions reaching out to communities and people throughout the world to educate and counsel on this disregard for human life. “This means we must have ministries mobilized to work in concert with one another so entire communities might be reached for Christ—both locally and internationally. My vision is to partner with other pregnancy crisis centers and churches to be a worldwide catalyst for ending abortion” said Carter.

“And lastly, he continued, “my greatest passion is to fulfill the mandate God has stamped on my life: I want to be a mechanism that transforms how people think about God, how pastors think about preaching, how churches think about their communities, and how everyday believers live out their faith at home, school, and work.”

Together Carter and Jeannie stand united by God and their commitment to the Sanctity of Life. They stand firm that every life matters, has full value, and has been purposed by God to accomplish great things for His Kingdom! “For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:16


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  1. Thank you very much People of God, i have more interested in your ministry, please i love you so much, welcome to Kenya.
    Please i requesting you to pray for me and my Church. God bless you abundantly Amen


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